Hotmail configurations below to add to MailWasher

Hotmail You will discover the configurations below to add to MailWasher:

POP server:
POP hosting server port: 995
POP SSL required? Yes
Individual name: Your Ms windows Stay ID, for example
Password: The code you usually use to indication in to Gmail or Ms windows Live
SMTP server:
SMTP hosting server port: 25 or 587
SMTP Verification required? Yes (same as POP3 login name and password)

SMTP SSL required? Yes

To personally add a Gmail \ Ms windows Stay e-mail consideration.

Begin Mailwasher
Basically click 'Tools' 'Email Accounts' or even media F8
Basically click 'Add Account'
Mail Account Setup
1. Get into your e-mail consideration name (example: Bob Smith)
2. Get into your e-mail (example:
3. Create sure the 'Include this consideration when verifying mail' box is examined, if you want Mailwasher to consist of this consideration everytime it assessments your e-mail (bottom remaining of the 'Email Account Details' window)
4. Basically click 'Next'
5. these areas should instantly be loaded in, if not then do so:
- your user name
- enter your Gmail \ Ms windows Stay e-mail code and then,
click 'Remember Password'
6. Now click 'Advanced Account Options' to examine information are correct

7. These areas should instantly be loaded in, if not then do so:
- hosting server slot 995
- 'This hosting server needs a protected relationship (SSL)' box should be checked
- ** the end POP3 UIDL box will also be examined by standard so keep it checked
8. click OK
9. Basically click Next to accessibility the 'Bouncing and Confident Mail' tab
10. Get into into the smtp hosting server field
** Only examine 'Enable returned of information from this account', if you want this to occur when your e-mail is being prepared by Mailwasher (can be modified later from within your e-mail consideration settings)
11. Basically click 'Advanced Options' and ensure that Port 25 is joined. Also examine 'This hosting server needs a protected relationship (SSL)'. Further alternatives are available on the 'Bouncing details' and 'Email Addresses' an eye if necessary, or just keep as standard.
12. Basically click OK, then click OK again. Now click OK once more to quit the Mail Account installation web page.
13. Basically click 'Check Mail' from the Mailwasher plugin to begin with handling your e-mail and appreciate a fresh mail.

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